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MRG of Georgia was founded in 2010, and our Agency serves the specific needs of groups and individuals. MRG of Georgia is a Minority owned Domestic Agency licensed in the State of Georgia. We look forward to serving YOU.

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Full Line of Insurance Products

MRG of Georgia, LLC offers a full line of Health, Accident and Sickness, Life, and Disability Insurance Products. If you are interested in discussing your insurance needs with a licensed agent, please contact us at 470-655-1234, or CONTACT US in the form provided.

We Will Help You

Our team has the knowledge and resources to assist you will all your Insurance needs.

Business Insurance

Life and Accident insurance can also be utilized to offer protection to businesses when accidents, critical illnesses, or even death result in disruption of business activities, not only for key executives …

Health Insurance

Everyone needs health insurance, and with the Affordable Care Act in place…everybody is required to have health insurance.

Life Insurance

While often overlooked, life and disability insurance can be one of the most important forms of protection needed for an individual, a family, or even a company.

Our Feature Plan Puts Money Back In The Pockets Of Employees And Employers

This is one of the most unique plans in the marketplace in that it is a FULLY INSURED INDEMNITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS PLAN BACKED BY AN A+ RATED CARRIER AND APPROVED BY INSURANCE COMMISSIONERS.  This plan utilizes a combination of Cafeteria 125 FICA deductions and indemnity benefit payments by the insurer which offset premium costs for employees and plan fees for employer.  Unlike traditional Health Reimbursement plans, indemnity benefits are paid by the insurer when an employee utilizes the participating preventive benefits provided in the plan.
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This generally results in a net gain in take home pay for the employee. Additionally, the FICA deductions realized by employers through Cafeteria 125 deductions provide a substantial tax savings to the company (up to $450 per employee per year).

Many companies utilize these additional savings to fund additional medical expense plans including Minimal Expense Coverage (MEC’s) or supplemental products such as gap insurance, critical illness plans, or dental and vision plans. It’s a win/win situation! Employees are engaged in becoming healthier, companies are saving money, and employees are seeing an increase in take home pay or using the savings to fund additional benefits.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our clients to the fullest extent by making a conscious effort to fully understand the specific needs of every client, and find custom tailored products to meet those needs.