Cafeteria 125 Wellness Plan

We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer an innovative Health and Wellness Insurance Plan which not only provides for a healthier lifestyle for employees, it also provides additional income for employees and employers through the Cafeteria 125 FICA tax reduction program. This design concept helps employers clear the largest hurdle in Health & Wellness Plans….EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT.

How The Plan Puts Money Back in the Pockets of Employees and Employers

This is one of the most unique plans in the marketplace in that it is a FULLY INSURED INDEMNITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS PLAN BACKED BY AN A+ RATED CARRIER AND APPROVED BY INSURANCE COMMISSIONERS. This plan utilizes a combination of Cafeteria 125 FICA deductions and indemnity benefit payments by the insurer which offset premium costs for employees and plan fees for employer. Unlike traditional Health Reimbursement plans, indemnity benefits are paid by the insurer when an employee utilizes the participating preventive benefits provided in the plan.

This generally results in a net gain in take home pay for the employee. Additionally, the FICA deductions realized by employers through Cafeteria 125 deductions provide a substantial tax savings to the company (up to $450 per employee per year).

Many companies utilize these additional savings to fund additional medical expense plans including Minimal Expense Coverage (MEC’s) or supplemental products such as gap insurance, critical illness plans, or dental and vision plans. It’s a win/win situation! Employees are engaged in becoming healthier, companies are saving money, and employees are seeing an increase in take home pay or using the savings to fund additional benefits

About the Plan

Health Risk Assessment

Upon enrollment in the plan, employees fill out a Health Risk Assessment form which provides information on their age, family history, and other pertinent information which is vital for plan administrators to create a personalized custom tailored program utilizing features listed below. These programs are devised utilizing a patented data collection and analytics process combined with statistically proven treatment programs which proactively assist employees in taking the steps to improve their health and lifestyle.

Biometric Screening

Identifies risk factors for illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease up to 10 years before full onset. This allows program administrators additional information to drill down on wellness programs to effectively manage these risks.

DNA Screening

Analyzes 19 genes for abnormalities; further enabling healthcare providers to design personalized plans for employees.

Telephonic Coaching & Counseling

Custom tailored training, counseling, prevention, and dietary programs which addresses the health needs and goals for each employee based on information provided in the detailed Health Risk Assessments and screenings listed above.

Online Health Program Coaching

– Online lessons, videos, and training custom tailored based on health and lifestyle of the employee. Includes diet, exercise, and other information which educates employees on proactive measures to improve their health and prevent avoidable illnesses before they normally occur.


One of the greatest benefits of the plan is 24/7 access to top-quality, cost-effective medical care…with NO CO-PAY. Employees may utilize these telemedicine services any time/any where, and in many cases this may prevent the cost, time, and claim involved with a traditional physician or hospital visit.

This feature is extremely valuable during after hours when an emergency room is the only option available, or when a plan participant is traveling for work or vacation. Imagine being able to speak with a physician/nurse at 2 am in the morning when an employee’s child is running a high fever! (Note: There are limits on telemedicine care, so this feature is not intended to replace current primary care physicians and/or medical care facilities).

Real Time Cost Saving Data Applications

Geo location apps provide information on health providers, medical facilities, and pharmacies in proximity to participants actual location with cost comparisons, ratings, and maps to the facilities.

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