The Problem Is …

One of the biggest issues with implementation of traditional Health & Wellness plans is the lack of employee engagement, especially with the unhealthy well and healthy well segment of your company population.  As an HR specialist, it can be quite frustrating.  You spend countless hours searching for programs which benefit your co-workers, and then they don’t participate in a program which is for their best interest.  Uggggh!

Why Don’t They Get It?

  • Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: They’re not sick, so they don’t see the need for proactive health initiatives.
  • Time Management: They don’t feel like they have the time to invest in wellness initiatives on top of the 40 hours a week they already spend in the workplace.
  • They Don’t Get It: Everyone has a family history of illness, and statistics show these genetic predispositions often surface at some point in the individual’s life. The American Health Data Institute takes this information along with several other points of data to help each individual take proactive steps to preventing early onset of these diseases and thus improving and often prolonging their life.

MRG OF GEORGIA HAS A SOLUTION! We have a fully insured supplemental insurance plan which improves employee engagement exponentially, and the benefits reaped truly impact the entire company… and the plan does NOT replace your current existing medical expense plan coverage.

The Solution

The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is an innovative new product which FINANCIALLY incentivizes employees to become engaged in becoming proactive in their health management.

Employees see an increase in their monthly take home pay by participating in the plan, employers see a substantial savings in FICA tax liability through Section 125 Cafeteria Plan deductions. As a result, engagement occurs, and everyone benefits as population health improves, medical expenses are reduced (statistics show a decrease in medical claims of 11-17% on average per annum), and less time is used going to the doctor.


That’s right. Employees see an increase in take-home pay IF they participate in the plan. The PHMP is unique in that it is a FULLY INSURED INDEMNITY BENEFIT SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE-HEALTH & WELLNESS PLAN which falls within the guidelines of Cafeteria Plan requirements. Also, the company sees a net gain in savings of up to $450 per employee per year as a result of the reduction in FICA tax obligations through the Cafeteria program.


The Benefits

  • Health Risk Assessment – Identifies risk in order to create customized program for every employee.
  • 24/7 Telemedicine with NO CO-PAY – Access to board certified physicians and nurses who can often diagnose and treat illnesses any time, anywhere.
  • Telephonic Coaching and Counseling – Health coaches, Dieticians, Nurses who offer guidance to employees on taking proactive steps to managing their health.
  • Customized Online Health Program Coaching – Informative brochures, videos, dietary recommendations which are customized for the specific needs of each employee’s personal health concerns.
  • Biometric Screening – Identifies health risks of each employee up to 10 years before onset.
  • DNA Testing – Analyzes 19 genes for abnormalities, enabling healthcare professionals to design personalized plans for employees.

How The Plan Works

First and foremost, this is an insurance product…not a traditional Health & Wellness plan.  As a result, this product fulfills requirements of a Section 125 Cafeteria plan by utilizing qualified medical expenses included in the supplemental insurance product.

When an employee uses one of the participating benefits listed above, an indemnity benefit is paid to the employee through your current payroll system.  The combination of the indemnity payment plus the tax savings incurred through the Cafeteria plan deductions generally result in additional take home pay for each employee.

When an employee realizes that participating in the program puts money in their pocket…well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why engagement occurs.


Make the CFO Happy

When the Chief Financial Officer sees an insurance product which actually saves up to $453 per year per employee through Cafeteria 125 FICA tax deductions, they most likely will see the PHMP as a great benefit offering to add to your current benefits package. Upon receipt of company census, a proposal will be provided which shows total company savings incurred as well as savings incurred for each individual employee who participates in the plan. 


If you would like to learn more about our Cafeteria 125 Proactive Health Management plan, please call us at (w) 470-655-1234 to speak to an agent, or enter your information via our CONTACT US form and one of our agents will get in touch with you soon.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this revolutionary new product. We look forward to working with you.