HR Challenge

A common theme we see in our daily dealings with Human Resource executives is …not just Employee engagement but also attracting talent and keeping them.

It’s a constant battle to find good employees, research and implement benefits packages which are cost effective for both employer and employee, and brainstorm to create a workplace environment which helps retain talent. It’s an uphill battle, and quite often the employees don’t feel the love.

Example: Previous Health Insurance plan carrier increases premiums by 25%. If the company pays the increase, what does the employee see?  Nothing!  If company absorbs half the increase and offsets other 50% with a higher deductible, higher co-pay, or higher coinsurance rate…employee doesn’t see this as company picking up 50% of the tab. They see a reduction of benefits.

We understand that employee retention is paramount to every company’s growth and success, and these issues have lead MRG of GA to offer an effective, high usage employee benefit which month after month reminds them that their employer cares and appreciates them.

Solution: Introducing a program that gives back month after month.

Our partner group has built the largest employer give back network across all 50 states of added value partners on one platform with one goal….stretching families dollars on products and services offered where they live from 600 National Brands and thousands of businesses on a local level.

Statistics show employees and their families will stockpile dollars on average $1500 per year and as much as $3,000 factoring in family vacations using this powerful program.

Re-branded with your company’s name employees save through a custom built phone app and web portal simple to use reminding employees their employer cares.

Employees net up to 50% savings on movie tickets, groceries, electronics, fashion & apparel, automotive services, dining, travel, theme parks and more.

Please contact us at 470-655-1234 for more information on this value added benefit program.