Cafeteria 125 Wellness Plan

We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer an innovative Health and Wellness Insurance Plan which not only provides for a healthier lifestyle for employees, it also provides additional income for employees and employers …

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Comprehensive Medical Expense Plans

A comprehensive major medical expense plan can include a combination of the basic, major medical, and supplemental products in addition to life and disability insurance …

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Health Insurance

Everyone needs health insurance, and with the Affordable Care Act in place…everybody is required to have health insurance.

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Life Insurance

While often overlooked, life and disability insurance can be one of the most important forms of protection needed for an individual, a family, or even a company. There are many types of insurance available …

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Disability Insurance

While Life insurance provides protection for your family upon death, the need for disability insurance can be just as important when it comes to providing income should you become disabled …

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Supplemental Insurance Products

Supplemental programs are designed to assist with an individual’s specific needs and make a great stand-alone. They also compliment employee benefit programs and are highly customizable …

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Business Insurance

Life and Accident insurance can also be utilized to offer protection to businesses when accidents, critical illnesses, or even death result in disruption of business activities, not only for key executives …

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