About Disability Insurance

While Life insurance provides protection for your family upon death, the need for disability insurance can be just as important when it comes to providing income should you become disabled, permanently or over a short period of time. If you become disabled and therefore unable to work, you will most likely need disability insurance to help pay your bills when disabled. There are policies available for Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability, and these policies vary in premium amounts and coverage amounts based on the terms of the policy. Below are just a few of the general types of disability insurance.

About The Plan

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  1. Disability Income
  2. Buy/Sell Disability
  3. Partial Disability

There are variations within these policies. An example would be own occupation vs any occupation. With own occupation, the policy benefits would be based on not being able to perform your current job, while any occupation would cover more of a permanent disability which would prevent you from performing any occupation.

As you can see, when purchasing life and disability insurance there are a LOT of options available; and you want to work with an agent who spends the time to educate you on the options. You also want an agent who looks after your needs…not commissions. Insurance is not something to take lightly. You are looking after your family, and in many cases … yourself.

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