About Health Insurance

Everyone needs health insurance protection, and with the Affordable Care Act in place…everybody is required to have health insurance.

Finding the right coverage can be a daunting task. There many types of health insurance, many different plan provisions which provide a variety of healthcare services, and an unlimited range of deductibles, co-pays, and benefit maximums.  … and as a result…premium options.

MRG of GA can work with individuals or groups to help find the best Health Insurance plans to meet the most effective and affordable coverage needs.

Whether it’s Basic coverage, Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC), or full comprehensive medical coverage…our team is ready to help.

We also provide supplemental plans to “fill the gaps” of your major-medical coverage with ancillary products including Health and Wellness plans, Dental Plans, Vision Plans, Cancer plans, Long Term Care (LTC’s) plans, and many other products.

Call us today at 470-655-1234 to speak with an agent about your goals and objectives; and we can help you find the right health insurance plan or combination of plans which meet the needs and the budget for individuals, families, or company employees.

Types of Health Insurance

Basic Medical Expense Plans

Basic health insurance plans often pay a fixed indemnity payment for specific health services. These types of policies provide “first dollar” benefits for specified (and limited) health care such as hospitalization, surgery, or physician services. Basic health policies are characterized by limited benefit periods and relatively low coverage limits. Types of Basic Medical Expense Plans include Hospital Expense Plans and Surgical Expense plans.

Major Medical Plans

Major medical plans are a complex combination of insurance products which are grouped together to provide optimal health coverage for companies’ most valuable assets…their employees.  Major medical plans provide broad coverage and high benefits for hospitalization, surgery, and physician services. These plans can be custom tailored by providing deductibles, coinsurance, and cost- sharing features which meet the health needs of employees and their families while meeting the budgetary needs of the company.

The MRG of GA team of agents are available to help you find the best possible combination of products which meet the needs and objectives of the entire organization.  Call us today at 470-655-1234 today. Our objective is to exceed your expectations.

Minimum Essential Coverage

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Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Health care management stressing preventive health care, early diagnosis, and treatment on an outpatient basis. Persons generally enroll voluntarily by paying a fixed fee periodically.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Association of health care providers, such as doctors and hospitals, that agree to provide health care to members of a particular group at fees negotiated in advance.

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals and employers are required to carry minimum qualified health coverage. If not, fines are imposed, often referred to as “sledgehammer tax”. Minimal Essential Coverage provides minimal health insurance needs, often carrying high deductibles high co-pays, or low limits. For more information on what qualifies as minimum essential coverage, visit

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